Ghost OG is one of the myriad strains and cuttings known as OG Kush. 

This particular cut is thought by some to be the mother of all OG Kush strains. It came from the forums. A forum member by the name of OrgnKid passed the cut to a forum member named Ghost, giving the strain its name. No one knows the exact genetics of the strain, but it is believed to be originally a true Kush strain from the Kush mountains in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Like most Kush strains, it can be a heavy sedative that should only be used at night.

The original, true Ghost OG is clone only, though others have crossed clones of Ghost OG with other OG Kush strains to create seeds. True Ghost OG can be grown both indoors and out and needs between 60 and 65 days to flower. It is well suited for the Screen of Green growing technique. The lower branches should be well pruned to let the top flourish and grow heavy.

Ghost OG

  • Indica Dominate: 75%


    THC Content: 15-20%





  • 75%

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