Green Goblin, not be confused with the comic book character, is also a widely popular cannabis strain.
Most dispensaries and growers agree that this strain is either an exact replica of Green Crack - merely renamed after it was deemed too “druggy,” and not the type of reputation cannabis aficionados fought so hard for - or a very specific phenotype of the Green Crack plant. Either way it is Sativa-dominant (65/35 Sativa) just like Green Crack with similar THC content, reaching 24 percent, and CBD content of roughly 1 percent.
A cross between Northern Lights and Skunk #1, Green Goblin has legendary parents. The buds are very distinctive, fat and covered with lots of orange hair. The aroma is – well – skunky. Another way to say it is earthy or musky and some versions may have a diesel aroma. When you smoke it, you may taste mango/papaya.
Strongly influenced by Sativa, most people will feel uplifted, happy, dreamy, energetic, and creative. After the head buzz stabilizes, people generally get a bit of a body melt that helps them relax. The high THC and the sativa effects should go over well with recreational users who want to get blazed but not take a weed nap.
Without much CBD in this strain, medical users who need strong relief should look for another strain. Patients with mild to moderate symptoms should find that Green Goblin appreciates their pain and can sympathize. He’s no comic book character when it comes to helping with your insomnia, appetite, anxiety, or stress. 
Some medical patients have commented on side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes. Less common reports include a little paranoia and dizziness, which is to be expected when you fire up the brain with strong weed. One doctor commented that Green Goblin makes people “extremely” energetic to the point of “bouncing off the wall.” 
To grow this strain, let your fingers dance on the keyboard and you will find many online seed vendors. If you want a clone, find it on the West Coast mostly. Green Goblin is very easy to grow so beginners – go for it. It flowers faster than many other cannabis varieties, in 49 to 55 days.
The plant does not need much attention, except trimming at the bottom and pruning at the top for best results at harvest time. In colder temperature environments, Green Goblin may turn into Purple Goblin.  
Weed breeders seem to like comic book characters and the Green Goblin was a likely choice when saying Green Crack just didn’t feel right. Choose this strain if you want to feel really peppy, like cleaning the house peppy or running across America like Forest Gump peppy. High in THC, rec users should flock to the Green guy while med users enjoy the Green man’s sedation.

Green Goblin

  • 65%

  • Northern Lights

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