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Lowryder is the first real auto-flowering strain. The Joint Doctor's work with early flowering plants like Mighty Mite led to the development of his own early flowering strain, named 6-Way. In turn, this gave him the idea to create a strain of cannabis that flowered all on its own. When he came upon a strain called Mexican Rudy, which many believe to be a cross between a Russian Ruderalis and a Mexican Sativa, he knew he had found the most crucial component. Unfortunately, like most Ruderalis-dominant strains, Mexican Rudy was weak in flavor and potency. To combat these flaws, the Joint Doctor first crossed Mexican Rudy with a female Northern Lights #2. Pleased with the results, he went on to cross that child with a male William's Wonder. Nine generations of inbreeding followed to perfect and stabilize Lowryder.
Not overly strong, the cerebral effects of this strain are clear and peaceful, ideal for meditation and introspection. Lowryder can focus users' attention and help them execute their tasks. Its upbeat high can assist in easing anxiety and stress.
Like all auto-flowering strains, Lowryder does not do well on a normal 12-hour light cycle. It should receive 18 to 24 hours of light a day. The flowering period only lasts about five weeks, and as a result, the plants require only two months to develop from seed to harvest. Very short and easy to grow, this strain works well in a Sea of Green and may produce up to 50 grams per plant.


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