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From the uphills of a lovely island in Polynesia we have this strain grown by 2 brothers in a small village known to everybody as the 2 dudes on the top of the hill. They decided to grow this shiny green grass and call it MOUNTAIN DEW because every morning the clouds lift and the entire mountain is loaded with morning dew to add bulk on all the surrounding foliage.
Must be nice to wake up in paradise and go out to harvest this thick and bushy weed for that mid day over the hump feeling that comes from this plant.
Mountain Dew is a clear-headed sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Ice Wreck and Banana Clips. This duo of trichome-rich strains is combined to offer an array of effects that work off each other. Ice Wreck’s heady buzz acts a catalyst, adding a stimulating alertness to the luscious body effects and pleasant euphoria native to Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, respectively.
Enjoy this pungent flower to help curb depression and fatigue while elevating mood and muting mild physical pain.

Mountain Dew

  • 63 Days

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