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Panama Red is known to create a mellow head-high that is very relaxing and slightly psychedelic. Considered by many as the laughing gas of the ’70s, this Sativa dominant strain is sure to bring a smile to all who medicate with it. The Panama Red is an old-school Sativa dominant strain from the Panama region that was extremely popular between 1960 to the early ’90s. Since then, the genetics have died off slowly as most growers have switched to other Sativa strains that have faster grow cycles (to have more profitable grows). Panama Red’s flowering time is roughly 11 – 12 weeks and in cooler summer conditions up to 13 weeks, which is longer than the most other popular Sativa strains. Panama Red is one of the most popular, powerful, and high-yielding Sativa dominant strains in our catalog. A very elaborated hybrid of great potency and vegetative vigor. It produces beautiful, large, dense flowers full of trichomes, often showing reddish and pinkish pistils when flowering, traits usually associated with the mythic Colombia Punto Rojo mountains area strains. Panama Red is probably the best American Sativa hybrid bred in the last 15 years. Its aroma and effect are reminiscent of the best Colombian and Panama sativas from the ’70s. The strain is ideal for daytime use to cope with stress and anxiety, or to alleviate the oppressing effects of depression. The slight body high of Panama Red may help make some mild aches and pains more manageable. They may also help fight eating disorders such as anorexia. It may also be good for relieving users of inflammation and nausea. Considering the modern standards of cannabis cultivation, Panama Red certainly is old school. Although the strain can be grown indoors or outdoor, some experience is required. In fact, its outdoor cultivation is best in a tropical or sub-tropical climate for the plant to thrive (summer season). Hence, it's preferable for growers to keep the plant indoors or in a greenhouse environment. At the same time, due to its long flowering period and moderate yield, most growers are less likely to choose the strain for commercial organic growing. Thus, affecting the present supply of Panama Red at your local dispensaries. But if you want something to smoke that leaves you with the ability to focus and relieves pain and nausea so you can get back to having a productive day.

Panama Red

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