Superman OG's history is shrouded in mystery but is known for having large crystal-covered buds with fine dark orange hairs that reportedly have a THC count up to 20 percent.
Despite being Indica dominant this strain still produces cerebral effects that will have user's moods soaring. The strong numbing body high may also make users feel lazy and drag them into a long nap or a full night's rest. Users should beware that this strain can give you a massive appetite, and because of such is regularly recommend for those suffering from Nausea or eating disorders such as Anorexia. As with any other strain, Superman OG has its own little flecks of kryptonite included that may induce cotton mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, headaches and dizziness.
Due to the strong Indica effects of this strain it is recommended for night time medicating, perfect for defeating the likes of Insomnia. Stress, anxiety and depression are other villainous disorders that may quake in fright before this strain. Much like the superhero it is named for Superman OG is strong enough to make even severe chronic aches and pains weaker. Some find relief from their migraines through the use of this strain as well.
Superman OG's lineage are as unknown to our world as Superman's alter ego is to his world but it is most often assumed that the strain carries some OG Kush in it. Unfortunately, it would seem that the cultivators of this strain do not want to see this strain just anywhere in the world but it can still be found at some dispensaries along the west coast.

Superman OG

  • 60%

  • OG Kush

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