Just The Beginning...

Well our first month went pretty well, at least in my opinion. The whole reason we (CGHCG) started this whole thing was because we were tired of always hearing our group member talking about how they ordered from over-seas, or they took months to get or they were destroyed on the way and the company who sent them refused to send more or give a refund. Or half a refund if nothing else. So we thought we would take matters into our own hands and start The Seed Xchange. Through The Seed Xchange we strive to provide Low-Cost High Quality cannabis seeds from a company our members can trust with-in the USA. Not only do we send with tracking numbers so people ALWAYS know where their packages are, (because the worst part is the not knowing) but we will send out a replacement if your package doesn't arrive. Who else does that?! Our NUMBER ONE GOAL is just to treat people how we wanted to be treated when we were having such a HORRIBLE time ordering from over-seas or from private traders. So please give us a chance to show you a different experience that you will be hard pressed to find from another company.

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