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Policy & Procedures

Unpaid orders with no communication in 24 hours will result in a ban from placing any future order with us.

Our typical shipping time is 14-21 business days. 

International orders can take up to a month or more to receive, be patient, if your order doesn't make it in 45 days we will resent at no cost.

No refunds on undamaged seeds.

Rude or harassing speech towards our staff is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable and will result in an immediate ban.

If your seeds are damaged in transit KEEP THEM, we will need photos as verification.

All Sales ARE FINAL for ALL EDIBLES, WAX, and CARTRIDGES.  NO EXCEPTIONS WHAT-SO-EVER.  Once they leave our facility ANY AND ALL responsibility on our part is ended.  You may request your order to require a signature for added security.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, Coupons & Sales apply to SEEDS and MERCH ONLY.  Edibles and Cartridges are sold outside of ANY sales.  (Rewards Program coin can be used on any store products, as well as STOREWIDE sales). 

Our #1 priority is our customer! 

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