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My Aerogarden Cannabis Grow.

Hi Everyone I'm Joe and I'm using an Aerogarden to grow my seeds indoors.. I ordered my seeds from check out was easy and simple and shipping was very quick they are growing like crazy. This is my last grow along with my new grow the little babies are the ones I just planted 7-8 days ago. I Am growing 2 BerryRyder & 1 Fem Cheese. The picture below is BerryRyder seeds after a couple days.

 I will be uploading pictures weekly with my progress. I did this because I live in a mobile home and space is at a premium so I set this up in a corner of my house.

I also wanted to post a few pictures of the meter's that I use the first one is a TDS PPM which stands for total dissolved solids parts per million. What that means is that how much food you have in your water before you water your plants the first thing you do is you check the water PPM before you put anything in it then I usually add the food and check it again without the food my PPM is 120 so I add the food it goes up to around 350 when it gets back down to about 200 I will feed it again.

Remember always come to our website to order seeds and our Facebook page cannabis Growers helping cannabis Growers or C.G.H.C.G.

Here is another picture after I checked the total dissolved solids parts per million you can pick this meter up for anywhere from 10 to $20 on eBay or Amazon.

The next meter that I use is a pH meter ( pH is a measure of the hydorgen ion concentration of a solution. I am running Hydro so I check the water while it's in the Reservoir and my pH is always around 6.0 which is perfect from my AeroGarden. You can pick up a pH meter on eBay or Amazon for between 10 and $20 if you're running soil you check the pH in the water before you pour it into the soil.

Feminized cheese that I got from the seedxchange

The back plant is red dwarf and the front plants are from seeds someone gave me.

Just about done lol!

I will be using mostly everything that I grow to make edibles.

Look at those 'Trichomes'

Pure Heaven grown from my own AeroGarden how cool is that?

This is the feminized cheese.

This is the plant on the left just starting out after a week.

This is the plant on the right after a few days.

Berry Ryder after 10 days

Fem cheese after 3 days

Feminized cheese grew a lot overnight in the AeroGarden 10-12-17

These are plastic clear domes that help with humidity and they amplify the LEDs to make the AeroGarden accelerate growing seedlings.

12-12-17 these are the BerryRyder plants after 10 days. my pH was a little crazy in the beginning but now I got a perfect PH and they're growing like crazy

This is the one plant on the left of my AeroGarden

This plant is on the right side of my AeroGarden and has been growing for 5 to 6 days

This is my Feminized cheese and is growing the fastest out of all three.

This is the AeroGarden that I use

This is the seedling or clone starting system

You can plant up to 50 clones or seeds and slip this piece in the AeroGarden so they all grow at the same rate. Look into the holes and you will see the holes already made for you all you do is pull them out put the seed in stick it in the AeroGarden and let it grow. What you have to do is you have to watch the ph and you have to watch the food and the nutrients that you had in there other than that it grows on its own and does its own thing.


10-14 -17

Because of the nutrients I have in there the plants are growing unbelievably fast here's a few pictures of them today and I will make a list of the nutrients that I put in there.

My plant on the left is growing very quickly also it seems like they sprang up over the last two nights with the pH at 6. It took a little doing to get the PH down but now like I said it's at a solid six and they are growing exponentially

This is the plant on my right this is the one that I planted a week after I planted the one on the left it caught up and surpassed the one on the left.

This is the feminized cheese she is growing quickly and getting bigger everyday. 

These are some of the nutrients I use in my hydroponic garden. They are called microbe life Hydroponics and they accelerate growth and create a living environment for the plants.

I also use something called SLF-100.

South Cascade Organics SLF-100. SLF-100 is a commercially proven enzymatic formula with over 18 years of proven success. It is a 100% organic and OMRI listed formula specifically designed to break out salts. 

This is the second time I had to raise my hood in one week the hood goes up to almost two and a half feet high in total.

10-14-17 on 11-10-17 I had to raise the hood to the highest level. I'm going to have to get the extension kit now so it can be adjusted to the height of the plant.

This is the left plant as I refer to it. If you look at the other pictures before this you could see how much they have grown in the last couple days.

This is the plant on the right I planted it later but it seems to be over growing the one on the left. Look at the size of those fans.

This is the cheese I planted a little over a week ago I just took the humidity Dome off of it waiting for it to perk back up.


Stay tuned for my Vblog which I will update once a week!

This is the plant on the right of my AeroGarden and it's grown exponentially in 2 days as you can see from the old picture to the new picture

Some Supplies I use Are microbe life in my reservoir it creates a living environment for the plants I also have to sand stones air bubblers in there underneath each root of each plant once again you can go to eBay and get them for $10.

This is the plant on the left it's also grown a lot in 2 days. Keep watching for updates every other day and I will get my v-log up soon.



What amazes me with all this growing is that you can take a seed and grow it into a fully capable flowering plant in 2 months

Here is the plant on the right this one was planted three days after the one on the left and it has out grown the one on the left.

Front shot of the AeroGarden

My feminized cheese started growing again last night.

Woke up this morning to see little hairs growing out of the Lady on the left.

Beautiful little hair starting to come off my girl can't wait for the other two to start flowering.


This is the left plant it's a female and it's growing big

This is the feminized cheese I didn't think it was going to make it but it pulled through anyway thanks for the help members on c,g,h,c,g

All of these plants are growing so big and so fast I have to raise the hood everyday now.


This is the female on the left she's starting to flower.

This is thethe male of the plants I am growing it to save the pollen for a friend.

And this is the feminized cheese after a couple of weeks everything is growing according to planned. my pH is a solid 6.0 all the time and my TDS PPM I keep it at 350 and add Nutes to it when it gets down to 150. Keep following me for more updates and pictures. And if you have any questions feel free to email or message me.

This is the front shot of my AeroGarden after a month

Here is the right plant and it turned out to be a male so I'm going toto let it grow out and I will collect the pollen off of it to create further seeds of berry Ryder strain

Here is a left plant and it is a female plant if you look close you can see the hairs forming

This is the feminized cheese. I didn't think it was going to make it but with the help of the group I got it growing healthy again.

Here is a close-up of the female plant as you can see the hairs are starting to grow out.



Here's a front shot as you can tell the girl on the left is getting extremely big almost to the point where I'm going to have to raise the AeroGarden Hood to its fullest 2 feet tall.

I took a close up picture of the buds. Soon the trichomes will be turning Amber and it will be time for couch lock LOL


This is the berry Ryder that I grew from seed it is now over growing the other plants and my hood is at the highest it can go which is a little over 2 ft. I did a Google Search and found out there are ways to modify the hood for another 2ft of height which I'm going to do soon.

This is my little baby feminized cheese Auto. It was touching go in the beginning but she pulled through and now she has her own spot in the AeroGarden

This is a close up of the berry Ryder pretty soon those are going to be turning Amber and she will be done


The female plant is now growing across the entire AeroGarden the male plant was taken out because I did not want it to pollinate my cheese plant.

It started growing sideways early so I try to get it straightened out it just did not want to come up straight.

This is the feminized cheese she's growing slowly but she's growing.

11/15/17. As you can see the berry Ryder plant is almost ready I'm waiting for the Bud's to get a little bigger and the Tri's to start turning Amber. Also the feminized Cheese plant is growing but slowly I think she is the runt of all my seeds LOL. Keep checking back I post every couple of days thanks for reading.

And here she is feminized cheese drooping as usual had to lower the watering rate down I think I was over watering it thanks Ellie May for the help.

12/01/2017 here's the latest picture of my girl the nugs are getting bigger and bigger my whole house smells like cannabis and I love it.

This is a close up of the top bud it's about 3 inches long. The other pictures are close up of the trichomes and the pistols.

Some more pictures of the pistils Turning Amber and the trichomes are turning also.

As you can see in this close up the pistol or the hairs are Amber and the next step would be the trichomes.

This is a Loupe it was $19 on eBay or Amazon it will help you immensely to tell you when your cannabis is truly done by the color of the trichomes and the pistols when you look real close with this tool. I also have an small air bubbler under reach plant inside my AeroGarden next time I have it apart for my next grow I will take pictures of it.

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